10 Important Things to Know Before Moving to Layton, UT (2023)


The city of Layton is located in Davis County and is considered part of Salt Lake City-Ogden metropolitan area. It has the largest population in the county and is ranked ninth in the state. The city is well known as one of the top economic development leaders in the region.

Settled in the 1850s as an extension of Kaysville, Layton grew slowly until an Air Force base was built within its city limits around the time of World War II. The area saw exponential growth over the following years and is now the large, thriving community it is today.

Before moving to Layton, there are a few significant details you should know. From local attractions and employment opportunities to the cost of living in Layton, these twelve essentials will help you decide whether this city is the best place for you.

1. Convenient Location

Layton sits between the Salt Lake City and Ogden areas. It is in the northern part of the Wasatch Front, where almost 80% of Utah’s population resides. With a short drive down the I-15, you’ll find easy access to Salt Lake City’s vast array of shopping, local activities, and the popular Temple Square.

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If you’d like to stay closer to home, the Layton Hills Mall is the area’s largest shopping center, with over 125 shops to choose from. Layton is also adjacent to Hill Force Air Base, making it a common home for military personnel.

2. Common Place for Families

More than a third of the city’s population is made up of people under the age of 18, making it a town full of young people. In fact, the state of Utah currently holds the top rank of youngest median age in the US, with an average around 30 years old. The surrounding area has been developed to fit this demographic and lifestyle, with plenty of family things to do in Layton.

The city of Layton has joined the ranks of many other Utah cities which are widely known for being family-oriented communities. A large portion of its residents are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as Mormons. A religion devoted to the family unit, the area boasts a high birth rate and larger families.

3. Amusement Parks, Pools, and Playtime

Following the same theme as the previous point, there is a long list of things to do in Layton with kids. One of the most popular attractions in the area, is the Lagoon Amusement Park. With over 40 rides and a great selection of carnival games, restaurants, and treats, you can spend an entire day there and not have tried it all.

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If you’d like to cool off during a warm summer day, spend the afternoon at the Surf ‘n Swim water park. The wave pool, splash pads, and lap pool will give you the chance to escape the heat and enjoy the water. You can also visit local playgrounds like Ellison Park, Commons Park, and Chapel Park, which dot the Layton area with green fields, baseball diamonds, and duck ponds.

4. Finding Nature in Layton

Those living in Layton enjoy a city surrounded by hiking trails, mountain peaks, lakes, and more. Nestled between the Great Salt Lake’s Farmington Bay and the Wasatch Mountains, Layton ensures there are plenty of outdoor activities for everyone, no matter what their age. You can go swimming, fishing, and even Bald Eagle watching at the Bay or take a nature hike up to one of the many Wasatch mountain peaks.

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Another top Layton attraction is the Hogle Zoo, located in the mouth of Emigration Canyon. It houses over 800 animals from various ecosystems, including Siberian Tigers, orangutans, sea lions, reptiles, and many more.

5. Layton Housing Market

Before moving to Layton, you should research the real estate market to determine current home prices and whether it lands within your budget. Compared to Ogden, their northern neighbor, Layton’s median home cost is about $95,000 more expensive. But living in Layton is also about 16% cheaper than in Salt Lake City.

The average single-family home in Layton costs around $292,600. As the market continues to do well, the next year is forecasting a 7.8% increase for the area. The average rent price in Layton is $1,545 per month, which is about $100 higher than the Ogden median.

6. Cost of Living in Layton

While the housing market may be a bit pricey, when comparing other cost of living factors with the rest of the country, Layton is much more reasonable. The average cost of food and groceries is about 4% less than the median of the US. A gallon of milk hovers around $2.60, a dozen large eggs are about $2.78, and a pound of cheese is about $6.

Utilities and local transportation also fall below the national average by healthy percentages. Thanks to these lower prices, the cost of living in Layton evens out when combined with the housing market.

7. Best Layton Neighborhoods

If you are moving to Layton, you now know it’s a great city for families. The town also boasts a low crime rate and several friendly communities. One of the best neighborhoods in the area is East Layton. Home to business executives and other professionals, this small community is among America’s top 15% highest income neighborhoods.

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Some other places to consider living in Layton are Laytona, City Center, Rosewood, and Meadowbrook Hollow.

8. Layton Weather

Moving to Layton means living in a comfortable and pleasant climate. Though it does have its cold winter days and warmer summer afternoons, the average temperature in Layton generally rests between 40-90 degrees throughout the year. The summers tend to be warm and dry, with minimal rainfall during the hotter months.

But you should also plan on having some snow days, as Layton gets an average of 40 inches each winter. This is a bit higher than the US average, so make sure to pack up your snow shovel and other essential snow gear.

9. Places to Eat in Layton

Layton has a wide variety of places to eat. You can choose from a range of different restaurants offering gourmet pizza, barbecue, burgers, and sushi. Locals will recommend places like Corbin’s Grille, Las Flores Taqueria, or Osaka Sushi, depending on the mood you are in.

Though there are a few around town, you won’t find many breweries in Layton. Utah’s alcohol regulations require draft beer have below four percent levels of alcohol by volume. If you are searching for full-strength beer or spirits, you can still find them in state liquor stores at room temperature.

10. Sundays Are Closed

The Blue laws, also know as Sunday laws, are implemented all over the state of Utah. Most local businesses are closed on Sundays for religious reasons, allowing owners and employees to have one day per week of worship or rest.

These laws cover locations like car dealerships, restaurants, furniture stores, and many more. The law specifically states these businesses should only be open on one weekend day, which typically points to Saturdays.

Moving to Layton? Let Us Help!

Keep these tips in mind if you are planning on moving to Layton. The city is safe, walkable, and has plenty of amenities for the whole family to enjoy. Layton has even been listed as one of the top 50 best cities to live in the US, making it a truly desirable place where you can live alone or with your loved ones.

If you need help moving to Layton, be sure to contact us about our top moving services. Feel free to give us a call at (801) 335-5603 to request a quote or ask any questions. Our customer service staff is standing by ready to help you.

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