14 Barbie Dolls That Are Crazy Expensive (And 14 That Aren’t Worth Anything Anymore) (2023)

When you were a kid you either loved Barbie dolls to the max or didn't touch them. There was no in-between. For those who had a collection of 20+ dolls, there was most likely a time where you grew up and decided to get rid of them. As a sign of maturity, the Barbies were handed down to younger family members, or given to charity. While giving to charity is a wonderful thing to do, it was probably your first mistake. Barbie dolls kicked off generations of people loving to play dress up. That's why some of them can be worth a serious amount of cash. Let's hope none of your beloved dolls are in this list, or the memory of giving them away will probably haunt you forever.

While a lot of us know and have heard about the rare and old Barbies being worth money, it may come as a surprise that there are also a lot of regular Barbies that sell for some good money. This is the rare time in life where hoarders come out on top. If you still have your collection in pretty pristine condition, don't give them to your kids without reading this list and checking you haven't got a small fortune sitting in your basement. In this list, we will be discussing 15 Barbie dolls worth an ton of money, and 15 worth nothing really. Read right to the end to find out which ones your children and child scissors can have a wonderful time with. Seriously, what is it about cutting all Barbie's hair off?


28/28 Worth Fortune: Monique Lhuillier Bride Barbie ($1600)

Some of the most popular and expensive Barbie dolls are expensive for a reason. The Monique Lhuillier Bride Barbie was first released in 2006 and if sold to the right people (extreme Barbie fans, of course) can get you around $1600.

The doll is dressed in a dream wedding dress for most brides. A white silk lace top with a big, flowy tulle skirt. It also has an added flair of a blue sash tied around the waist with rhinestone accents, lace undergarments and even comes with a garter... Bride Barbie also has some serious jewelry with a diamond wedding ring and earrings.


27/28 No Value: Baking Barbie

This is the section of the list where you can look for birthday presents and breathe easily. This Barbie doll and the following are priced very affordably and still so cute. First up is the Baking Barbie! She's dressed in a cute t-shirt, skirt, and apron.

What's even better is she comes with an oven and baking utensils, so every child will have endless fun playing with and losing all the tiny parts. The best part for the parents? She's only $20!

26/28 Worth Fortune: Trace Of Lace Barbie ($1475)

The Trace of Lace Barbie was first released in 2005. We wouldn't have guessed this as her outfit is something we definitely assumed was the dream outfit in an 80's movie. The platinum version of this doll comes with blonde hair and there are only 500 in the world. If you're lucky enough to have one they sell for around $1,475!

This Barbie comes dressed in a black lace and chiffon midi dress with the skirt being ruffled and bodice embellished with beads. She's also wearing sheer black tights, black pumps and a stylish clutch (hence the 80s vibe.)

25/28 No Value: Baseball Barbie

Barbie really can do anything. Baseball is a loved sport so now even those who like dolls can join in loving the sport. Baseball Barbie is a made-to -move Barbie, which means more of her joints move than normal. Usually, her knees bend and her arms can move, but now she has bendable wrists, elbows, hips, and ankles!

It's so she can throw the little baseball that's included in the set, of course! She also comes with a glove, blue and white uniform, pink sneakers and a pink cap. All of this can be yours (or your child's) for just $15.

24/28 Worth Fortune: Calvin Klein Barbie ($1,400)

There's no surprise that a Calvin Klein styled Barbie was a huge success. The label is still one of the most popular on the market today, and this Barbie was released back in 1996. It's worth so much today as it's now considered vintage Calvin Klein. If you happen to have this one laying around, it's worth about $1,400.

This denim-clad doll (it was the 90s remember) has brunette hair and seriously 90's bangs. She's wearing an authentic Calvin Klein denim jacket, a CK crop top and denim skirt, along with white sneakers, a cap with the logo, backpack & of course, Calvin Klein underwear. Head to toe in authentic CK!

23/28 No Value: Endless Hair Princess Barbie

The Endless Hair Princess Barbie has the hair we would love to have. Her blonde and pink hair flows down to her calves. She's wearing a pretty blue and pink dress with a lace skirt. She's accessorized with blue heels, a tiara and the bodice of her dress bedazzled.

She comes with a brush and special clips in her hair. When you get the (sold separately) styling tool you push the clips in and it will twirl Barbie's hair. Once done just brush it out and start again! This doll is $10 and the styling tool is $20, but comes with another doll!

22/28 Worth Fortune: I Love Lucy Barbie ($1,000)

As if we don't want this Barbie. I Love Lucy was one of the most popular TV shows of the '50s, and still holds up to this day. It was a sitcom, but the real star was Lucille Ball who played of the most loved characters of all time. She got not only 1 doll, but a whole collection of different I Love Lucy Barbie's.

The one that's worth some good money is the 'Sales Resistance!' Lucy doll released in 2004. It goes for at least $1,000. It could be more for a passionate collector. She comes with the iconic red hair, red lipstick, and big eyelashes. She's wearing an iconic dress from the show, navy blue with white polka dots and a white apron.

21/28 No Value: Ballet Barbie

At least once in their life, every child gets really interested in ballet. That's why it's a good idea to have Barbies with all different careers so the kids can see what's involved. The next doll is the Ballet Barbie, and whether kids are interested in ballet or not, the doll is just very pretty.

The Barbie has her long blonde hair styled into a ponytail and accessorized with a tiara and a ribbon. Her outfit is a pink satin top and, of course, a pink layered tutu and ballet slippers. You can grab this Barbie for only $18.

20/28 Worth Fortune: Dahlia Barbie ($1,000)

The Dahlia Barbie is one of the best Barbie Dolls we've ever seen, no doubt about it. She was the most stylish dress we've ever seen on a Barbie. It was released in 2006 and was influenced by the romance of Spain. She has red hair and different features to a normal Barbie. If you have this in mint condition (preferably in the box), you could get $1,000 for her!

Her dress is an elegant ballgown. All black lace with white designs, and astoundingly, a genuine Swarovski crystal on her waist. She includes elbow length satin gloves and fancy earrings. We're pretty sure this Barbie is the most extravagant Barbie of all time.

19/28 No Value: Robotics Engineer Barbie

Another career we never expected Barbie to have was a robotics engineer. We have to say we are pleasantly surprised though. Robotics Engineer Barbie is as stylish as she is smart. She is wearing a t-shirt with a denim jacket, jeans, and sneakers. She has accessorized for the lab safely, with protective goggles.

The accessories included in this set are her laptop, necessary for all things robotic. Of course to have a robotics engineer you need to have a robot - and she does! A little silver one. If you know someone who would love this, this Barbie is only $14!

18/28 Worth Fortune: Glory Of The 80s Barbie ($1,000)

You know it was a pretty important decade when there's a Barbie doll made in honor of it. The Glory of the 80's Barbie was released in 2017 as a tribute to everything the '80s did for fashion. Some want to remember the neon colors and some don't, but of course, this doll did it stylishly.

As there were only 100 of these made and released, they can go for about $1,000 each to the right collector. The blonde Barbie has her hair styled in the big, fluffy ponytail. She has a satin black dress on with the big, flaring triangle shoulders and silver heels. Everyone would've wanted to go to her apartment party in the '80s!

17/28 No Value: Builder Barbie

If you're going to have Barbie's with careers you definitely need to have a builder. Being Barbie, she was not only a builder but she did it stylishly. She is wearing a white t-shirt with a high visibility vest, blue jeans, boots, a tool belt and of course a pink hardhat. You can be stylish but you've still got to be safe.

The accessories this Barbie set comes with are mini building blocks that can be used to build two designs, a house or a tree, as well as landscaping elements! Your child will feel like a real builder and this set is only $20.

16/28 Worth Fortune: Midnight Tuxedo Barbie ($995)

This is one of many Barbie dresses we wish came in adult sizes. Although it was released in 2001 this long, black gown definitely gives off an 80's vibe. The skirt of the dress sits like usual, but what makes it interesting is the top which is designed to look sort of like a tuxedo (obviously!).

It has satin lapels and silver buttons which don't sound like they'd make sense on a dress, but it really does. If you happen to have one of these in mint condition in your possession, you might just get around $995 for it.

15/28 No Value: Pizza Chef Barbie

A career we wouldn't expect Barbie to have, but of course, she did. Pizza Chef Barbie is super cute and definitely recommended if you know a child ready to grow up and be a chef. She's dressed in a t-shirt, checkered skirt, apron, and cap. Her set comes with the pizza oven, three different kinds of dough as well as utensils.

It's endless fun for any child that likes to create stuff and use their imagination. If you're interested in buying this the good news is Barbie and her many pizza accessories can be bought for $30.

14/28 Worth Fortune: Pink Splendor Barbie ($900)

While this Barbie may not get you the most amount of money when selling to a collector, it sure would have dented some pockets when it was released. First released in 1997 the Pink Splendour Barbie retailed at $900, making it the most expensive Barbie ever! There were 10,000 of them made and you can sell yours for around $400 today!

So what made this Barbie so extravagant? The clothes of course. This Barbie was dressed in a bright pink silk and lace ballgown. The details include quite a long train, littered with rhinestones and a big bow. She accessorizes with crystal jewelry, and all of this makes her one of the most limited edition Barbies!

13/28 No Value: Animal Rescue Barbie

Animal Rescue Barbie is a super cute doll and a great way to teach children how to properly care for animals! You can use the doll as a little demonstration. Kids who love animals already will also love this doll just for fun.

This set is especially awesome as it comes with so many accessories. Barbie is wearing a pink collared shirt, denim shorts, and boots. Her accessories include eight little toy animals, double story care station for the animals, and a tree where the animals rest. All this for just $30.

12/28 Worth Fortune: Pink Jubilee Barbie ($800)

The Pink Jubilee Barbie Doll was made and released in celebration of her 30th year. It was released in 1989 and you can definitely notice it's an '80s doll by her vibrant outfit. This blonde Barbie can go for around $800 when in great condition.

She's wearing a floor-length silver gown with a sash tied at her hips. The bodice comes in silver and pink with a diamond pattern on it, and of course, the wide, pointy '80's shoulders. We're not sure we can say she's wearing shoulder pads but we wouldn't be surprised.

11/28 No Value: Baby Doctor Barbie

We love this Barbie set! Baby Doctor Barbie comes with an exam table, two little bassinets, accessories to care for the babies and two cute little baby dolls! This Barbie career shows children the positives of looking after patients that aren't just adults.

Barbie herself has her long blonde hair flowing (we don't think that's hospital regulation), teal scrubs, a stethoscope, and a medical chart for authenticity. If you have little caregivers then this is the perfect toy! All items included for only $17.

10/28 Worth Fortune: Devi Kroell Barbie ($1075)

Without a doubt, the Devi Kroell Barbie doll is one of the most stylish Barbies of all time. The Barbie is modeled after high fashion handbag designer, Devi Kroell (if you didn't catch that by the name). She is wearing thigh high bedazzled boots, a stylish knit dress with a belt, and accessorizes with a jeweled bracelet, and of course, luxury purse.

Don't bother to search through your old Barbie collection for this one as the Devi Kroell doll was a one-of-a-kind. It was auctioned in 2010 for $1,075 in a charity auction. We're sure the buyer has her stored somewhere safe, but you should still keep your eyes out in thrift stores. Who knows what could have happened to this doll!

9/28 No Value: Beekeeper Barbie

One of the more out there careers we wouldn't have thought of at first, but Beekeeper Barbie looks like fun. Barbie herself is dressed in blue jeans, boots, a longsleeved jacket. gloves and the beekeeping hat with a net to avoid stings.

The set also includes the beehive, bees and a feature to spin the bees and have honeycomb come out! There's also a little tray with flowers and a mini computer screen so Barbie can track her bees and keep an eye on all the honey she's making. Kids will have a lot of fun with this set, and you can buy it for $21.

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