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Win It In A Minute Fall Party Games

Find the skill, seasons, and reasons to play these 5 Minute Fall Party Games! Also known as Minute to Win It! There are countless reasons kids or adults would enjoy these games!

With it starting to cool off and the leaves falling off the trees here in Ohio. We are preparing ourselves for the Fall season! That’s why we’ve brought you a ton of 5 Minute Fall Party Games that will hopefully work for your needs!

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Halloween Party Game Ideas

Bigfoot Feet Game

This hilariousBigfoot game is so funny! The entire school will be talking about it the next day!

What you will need is a large box, a pair of sandals, tape,Balls(Find a Fantastic price here!) Scissors, and a Black Marker!

Tip: Another suggestion instead of sandals use an empty tissue box and hot glue that to the cardboard.

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The best part about this Minute To Win It game is you can choose to play it indoor or outdoor. It could be used for a fall party game, at a carnival or festival, at a PTO party, vacation bible school, Girl Scout or Scouts camp, or even played in your backyard!

First, cut 2 feet long feet out of cardboard! I added thistape hereto the toenails.

Next added the plastic balls (from a ball pit)to the tape on the big toes. For each new player, we added new tape. It worked well for us.

How to Play:

Each player has the same starting and stopping point. Player 1 will go to the start line. He or She will put the sandals on. After the whistle blows. Player 1 will walk as fast or funny as they can within a minute or five minutes for a farther finish line.

Each participant will need to keep as many balls on their feet as possible. The person with the most remaining balls on their big toes at the end of the game will win.

How To Play Minute to Win It Fall Games

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Easy Halloween Game Ideas

Jack o’ Lantern Race

Fear not, this Pumpkin Drop Game will get your heart racing! The goal of this activity is to protect the “pumpkin” from falling. What you will need isBall Pit Balls (Great Deal here!)Black Marker,Green Glitter Foam Art Sheets, Empty Toilet Paper Rolls, andWitch Nails.

How to Play:

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You could play this game with one or two players (more is optional). What you will need to do is pick a starting and ending point. The competitors will have one minute or five minutes on the clock.

Allow the players to move from the starting point to the finish line as fast as they want as long as they keep the pumpkins on the toilet paper rolls. If the pumpkin drops they have to start all over again. And no cheating lol, if they try to use any portion of their body or the other pumpkin in their opposite hand they have to start over as well.

It can be tricky but it is a lot of fun to play. The person that can make it across to the finish line with theirpumpkins still on the holders and with the fastest time will win.

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Fall Party Game Ideas

It’s All About the Eyeballs

Need an eyeball Halloween game to play? Being a stay home mom and a blogger! I am always coming up with fun ways to get my kids outside using their imaginations! This game only needs two supplies. JustPlastic EyeballsandPoster Puttythat’s it! Sweet right?

How to Play:

The first round was like a “Minute to Win It” challenge! The timer started and they had one minute to find as many eyeballs as possible!The player that finds the most amount of eyeballs will win the game! It’s fun to play more than one round! If you have plenty of eyeballs you won’t need for them to close their eyes or go in the house until you hide them again.

5 Minute Fall Party Games for Toddlers

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Little Pumpkin Game

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Have you ever heard of the little pumpkin game? It is a “Not so spooky” activity to play! It reminds me of an Easter Egg hunt only this is a pumpkin hunt. What you will need is aPumpkin Bucket, Ball Pit Balls (Find a Fantastic Deal here!),Dress Up Costume Capes, andKitty Ears.

How to Play:

Before your toddler gets up from their nap hide balls like thesearound the living room. You could choose a fall color pattern or any sort of color you like. Ask your child to grab their bucket and get ready for the pumpkin game. Give your child 5 minutes to start and see how many balls they can find. Next, rehide the balls or decide to see how long it takes them to find the rest. It’s a really cute Win It In A Minute or 5, lol fall party game for toddlers!

Glow in the Dark Minute or Five to Win It Fall Party Games

Skull Glow

All you need is at least 1 plastic Skull (great for Adults) and glow in the dark necklaces. Have your guests toss the necklace and try to have it land around the skull. Keep track and see whichplayer gets the best out of ten.

Pumpkin Ring Toss Game

You will need to use the same instructions as the Skull Glow game. Instead, use a pumpkin instead of a Skull. This will allow a more kid-friendly approach! Throw those glow rings and watch as your child’s face light up when they get it around the pumpkin! Score!

Silly String Glow War

This would be a hilarious party favor! Not only will tweens and teens LOVE it! What you do is set up a blacklight area and give each kid a can of silly string. Put 5 minutes on the clock and see who gets covered the most! This will create a silly string glow war!

Kid Bingo

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Get ready to find some candy corn, spiders, witches, and festive fall designs! Batty Bingo is here! Your entire family or class will enjoy this Bootiful game! It includes player cards for 16 players, a caller board, markers, and rules!

Eyeballs on a Spoon

Eyeballs on a spoon will give you endless fun! This game is perfect for kids or adults. Anyone willing to experience a relay like no other! Grab those spoons and hold on to the eyeballs!

Find several more Halloween Themed Games here!

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Saran Wrap Game

If you’re looking for a game that is out of the ordinary, funny, full of party favors and prizes. You have got to hear all about the fun you can have with this Saran wrap ball game!Supplies you will need for this game isSaran Wrap,Party favors,Dice(Nice deal!) and asmall box or pie plate.

How to Play:

The players will need to sit in a circle. One player will start off with the Saran Wrap ball. The player to the left of that player will receive the dice and small box or pie plate.

The rules of the game are very simple. The player with the ball will start unwrapping the ball and at the same time, the player with the dice will start rolling the dice. The person unwrapping the ball will continue until the player rolling the dice rolls a double. The player rolling the dice will want to roll a double as fast as possible so he or she could have a turn at trying to unwrap and win a prize. Any prize or party favor that is unwrapped during your turn is yours to keep!!!

✅Grab inspiration of kid-friendly Halloween prize ideas for your Saran Wrap Ball here!

Wrapping Up5 Minute Fall Party Games

Since it’s almost October and November! We wanted to create a round-up of5 Minute Fall Party Games that you can find useful for your party needs. We hope you have a spooktacular time!

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Which game was your favorite? Please let us know in the comments!


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