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Note: Portions of this review appeared in our Xbox 360 review of Just Dance 4.

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Back whenDance Dance Revolutionwas reigning supreme, who would have thought matless games would be the future — or even possible? Yet here we are, ten years later, with DDR a mere afterthought in a “Just Dance Central” world. While that game was primarily reserved for solo-exercises and hardcore teams,Just Danceexists for the mere purpose of starting a party. Hands-down the most trendy dancing franchise, allJust Dancehas to do at this point is keep up socially and supply a solid Top 40 line-up. Lucky for aspiring virtual dancers everywhere,Just Dance 4does just that.

Just Danceisn’t about accuracy and precision, but what the title itself promotes: just dancing. Players stand in front of their TV with Wii Remotes and mimic the on-screen moves of the dancers and pictograms. The system evaluates the precision of dance moves and awards stars based on how accurate the performance is. It’s a forgiving setup that encouragestryingmore than complete precision. While it’s possible to get away with a half-hearted performance (especially on the Wii U), the game (and peer pressure) is strong enough to make you actually want to do as good as possible, leading to constant improvement of both moves and style.

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Accuracy in a song is rewarded via stars (and a fun title based on how much energy was brought to the table), which translate into “Mojo” (groovy, baby- yeaaah!). The more Mojo you unlock, the the more you level-up. Leveling up lets you spin “The Wheel of Gifts”, unlocking things like alternative choreographies and new songs. While plenty of songs and modes are available at the outset, it acts as great encouragement to keep on dancin’. Besides how well the moves themselves are nailed, there are also side objectives like “5 starring” a song or pulling off a move at a certain time that unlocks even more Mojo.

Most songs work just as well solo as they do with friends, but some are truly designed to be played by 2-4 people. While these are technically playable by your lonesome, the coordinated moves make it pretty awkward. Playing these songs with others, however, is a guaranteed good time. Putting focus on coordination, those so inclined could practice together and have a bona fide dance routine with some of the tracks. A multiplayer highlight is Europe’s “The FInal Countdown”, which has you fake fighting with a partner as luchadores mimic the movements on-screen. It’d be right up the alley of two goofy guys and is refreshing that a rhythm game has finally acknowledged the inherent ridiculousness of “The Final Countdown”.

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It’s worth nothing that some songs have movements that can be a tad dainty, such as putting your hands behind your head and slowly moving your pelvis or bending down with your hands clutching your heart. Suffice to say, as a warm-blooded American male, I felt pretty effeminate playing at some points. It may not be a game you’d want anyone spying on you playing solo, but any guys playing in the presence of women are sure to put a smile on their face — and likely their own.

Besides straight-up dancing, there are unlockable modes like Dance Mash-Ups and Battle Mode. In a Dance-Mash-Up, the style of dancing and avatar (you may notice dancers from past Just Dance games make an appearance) changes continuously to always keep players on their feet. In Battle Mode, new toJust Dance 4, two songs, each represented by their associated avatar, go up against each other. The screen looks like a fighting game, complete with health bars and all. Songs switch back and forth between each other, with each switch representing a round. “Battle Mode” isn’t just a gimmick; there’s actual (albeit, playful) fighting choreography in here. It’s a fun addition, especially great for those playing the game tandem. After all, what better way to resolve conflicts than with dancing?

The soundtrack features more than forty tracks, predominantly in the “Top 10” genre; Flo Rida, Carly Rae Jepsen, Rihanna and all make an appearance. Some classic favorites are also peppered throughout like “Jailhouse Rock” and “You’re the First, The Last, My Everything”. What could be described as “joke songs” are also included ( “Wild Wild West,” “Rock Lobster,” and “Never Gonna Give You Up”) and sure to serve well during the most ironic moments at aJust Danceparty. While I’d always prefer some more electronic (Tiesto, Kaskade, Avicii, Martin Solveig) or indie (Sleigh Bells, Cut Copy, Holy Ghost!) selections, the need for a wide appeal makes the song selection understandable and as far as popular music goes, it’s a strong lineup.

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Just Dance 4 comes to the Wii U with a few new features, but largely remains the same as the Wii version. It’s also one of the first games we’ve encountered on the new console that requires the Wii Remote to play, so suffice to say, it doesn’t show off the features of the console very extensively. The GamePad can be used, but is limited to a spectator not playing the game. Dubbed “Live Control”, the GamePad allows “light painting” that lets the person holding it draw pictures or designs with the stylus over the background of a song. If that gets tiring, the screen can be filled with the song’s lyrics for karaoke or be used to select the next song for those dancing. While the GamePad doesn’t actually capture your voice, it’s still fun to simply sing along. Also included is “Puppet Master Mode”, which lets the GamePad player use the touchscreen to select moves that anyone dancing has to pull off. It’s a fun mode that could certainly lead to fun at a party once unlocked (it not being available at the outset is a huge oversight). It really all boils down to a way to keep fifth wheels occupied while their friends dance.

One of the biggest fault’s of the Wii U version of Just Dance 4doesn’t stem from the game, but the limitations of the console itself. While it’s a blast to play the game controller-free on the Kinect, having to hold a Wii Remote that only tracks a single arm is hardly as enthralling. As you know you can get away with sloppy footwork or keeping your other arm stationary, it allows for a lot of fudging when dancing. Those playing the game in a party atmosphere will in all honestly probably not even notice if it’s tracking them at all, but anybody playing to master the dance moves will find it difficult to do so. The Wii U version arrives with three bonus tracks, including the fantastic guilty-pleasure hits “Domino” by Jessie J and Cher Lloyd’s “Want U Back”. These would add value to the package if not for the fact that the game costs more than its 360/PS3 counterparts likely due to their addition.

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Closing Comments:

Just Dance 4is a hard game not to like. It’s completely unpretentious and simply exists to make you have fun, hopefully starting a party in the process. The soundtrack is strong and the choreography is as good as ever. Unfortunately, without full body tracking, the game is simply not as enjoyable as it is on the Kinect. Knowing that it’s only tracking the motion of the Wii Remote, and a single arm by association, lowers the motivation to perfectly nail the moves. Those used to playing the game on the Wii or who don’t care about accuracy will be content, but anyone who owns a Kinect would be better off picking up the Xbox 360 version — especially considering it costs $10 less.
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