Riverwalk: Piedmont Medical Center Trail (2023)


Riverwalk: Piedmont Medical Center Trail is a paved, winding trail that runs alongside the Catawba River, and provides an enjoyable location for walking, running, and biking.

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A popular eating establishment, Pump House, is next to the trailhead and parking.The trail is 2.5 miles in length, one way and connects to River Park Trail into River Park where there are more trails within the park that connects to the Waterford Golf Course Trail. The trail is part of the City of Rock Hill's Trail and Greenway System.Visitors will enjoy this scenic walk along the river, and the trail provides resting benches periodically along the route.

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Other Information

Special Notes: The trail is located in floodplain. Users should use caution and avoid using the trail during or following weather events that might cause flooding. Cyclists should respect a speed limit of 10 miles per hour.

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Trail Manager

Visit the Town of Rock Hillfor more information or contact:

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