Top 12 English Songs Download Sites in 2022 (2022)

Googling the ‘best site to download English songs free’ and you can get a long list of results. Yet, sometimes none of them would be your wanted answer. You need to separate the wheat from the chaff and find out the really good one. But now, you don’t have to look for websites for downloading English songs yourself because we have done it for you. We have rounded up 12 good English songs download sites with massive English songs download resources below. Hope you can find your best site for downloading English songs.

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Latest English Songs Free Download on the 12 English Songs Download Sites

1. Internet Archive

When we talk about the website to download English songs, Internet Archive is certainly an option that can’t be over. As a huge library of digitized materials, Internet Archive provides free access to different forms of media, including websites, applications, movies, eBooks, pictures, and also audio tracks. Over 7 million audio files are collected under its Audio Archive. The UI of Internet Archive might be a little confused as there are many sections and sub-categories. Yet for English songs free download, you can head to the Audio Archive, then take advantage of the left navigation bar to choose Language as English, Media Type as audio, Topics & Subjects as music, etc. based on your needs. Beyond that, the search quick bar on the top left can further help you locate the needed songs. There are multiple download options on the information page of the selected audio, choose a suitable one and save the audio file to your device.

Top 12 English Songs Download Sites in 2022 (1)

2. Jamendo

Jamendo is a well-known music streaming and download platform that has gathered a large number of talented independent musicians and their works. Soundtracks on Jamendo are mostly under Creative Commons licenses. So if you’re looking for Independent music for your personal projects like videos, presentations, or short films, discovering on Jamendo will bring you surprises. You can also try its 15 audio channels in specified genres. Furthermore, there is a Jamendo Licensing service including over two hundred thousand royalty-free music. You can free download these tracks for personal test and decide whether to buy them for your projects.

Top 12 English Songs Download Sites in 2022 (2)

3. SoundClick

Soundclick is an independent music community where artists can upload, share and sell their beats. And some artists also give their works to listeners for free. If an audio track is downloadable, there is a download option next to it. The good news is a significantnumber of audio tracks on SoundClick are free for download. SoundClick features a massive library of indie music in different genres, such as Instrumentals, HipHop, Electronic, Rock, etc. The clear classification navigation makes it fairly easy to discover music. Also the search bar helps you easily locate a specific song. If you’re a fan of independent music, go to SoundClick.

Top 12 English Songs Download Sites in 2022 (3)

4. SoundCloud

Remarked as the largest open audio platform worldwide, SoundCloud has a massive collection of creative and high-quality audio tracks covering virtually all genres. While SoundCloud is for creators primarily, casual users can also stream and listen to kinds of music therein free, on both desktop and mobile devices. Not all audio tracks on SoundCloud are available for download but if an artist allows his or her works to be downloaded, you will see a Download file button next to the corresponding track. Meanwhile, since SoundCloud doesn’t offer a specific section for free downloads, you can make use of its search feature and enter related keywords like “free music downloads” to find out needed results. In spite of the fact that SoundCloud is not a dedicated English songs download website, you can still explore and find out many astonishing tracks on this platform.

Top 12 English Songs Download Sites in 2022 (4)

5. YouTube

YouTube is the largest video sharing platform worldwide so we can virtually find all types of video content therein. As an important part of media content on YouTube, music can be seen everywhere on YouTube, and there are many free music channels on which you can listen to good free loyalty English music. Moreover, you can type in related keywords and search for music, and utilize a download extension or program to download a YouTube video and convert it to MP3. Meanwhile, please make sure to download non-copyrighted music and use them fairly.

Top 12 English Songs Download Sites in 2022 (5) is the simplest way to find and download English songs for free. You only need to enter a song title or related keywords and click the search icon next to the textbox, and will instantly give a response and display all matching results with download options. You can first listen to each result and choose the most satisfying one to download. actually serves as an MP3 search engine and converter that scrapes audio tracks from YouTube, Soundcloud, VK, and other mainstreaming video & audio hosting websites and also converts videos to MP3 for downloading. There is no installation requirement or disturbing ads. You will always find needed English mp3 songs downloads on

Top 12 English Songs Download Sites in 2022 (6) (Down)

Simple and direct methods are more preferred when people look for the best site to download English songs free, which is why we continue to introduce this MP3 search engine, My Free MP3. It functions the same way as, grabbing music files from its huge media library and generate download options. Usually, multiple downloads for each search query will be displayed. You can decide the order of the displayed results by data, popular, and length, listen to a song before downloading it, and even share the song to social networks. My Free MP3 is exceptionally easy to use without additional installation needs. You can give it a shot and feel the handy download experience.

Top 12 English Songs Download Sites in 2022 (7)

8. MP3clan

Whether you want to explore new and trendy English songs or look for certain titles, MP3clan is a good destination, on which songs in different languages and genres are classified in an easily accessible way. You’re able to listen to the 20 top-picking songs and albums under various classifications, or type in an artist or a single song for downloading. Meanwhile, MP3clan includes both free and Pro subscriptions. The Pro subscription allows you to enjoy unlimited & fast downloads, and more importantly download albums in the format of .zip at one go. MP3clan has a concise and easy-to-navigate interface. It won’t take much effort to make full use of this website to download English songs.

Top 12 English Songs Download Sites in 2022 (8)

9. Mp3skulls

Mp3skull was one of the most popular MP3 search engines in the world and also a top-picking option in our list English songs download sites, featuring a relatively high Alexa rank and high traffic. Even though its service was controversially considered as involving copyright infringement and got shut down for some time, now MP3skull returns coming with its powerful search platform. On the basis of multiple sources, Mp3skull will give you a fast, legal, and complete search experience to find free MP3 music downloads for your personal projects and business promotions. Thanks to its smart search function, you can easily download the needed music from different sources at one go.

Top 12 English Songs Download Sites in 2022 (9)

10. BeeMP3

BeeMP3 can be the ultimate place for English MP3 songs download. On this website, you can find the latest English music releases officially published online and download MP3 tracks effortlessly. No registration, no installation, no survey and also no email submission needs. If you want to download a song on BeeMP3, open the detailed information of the song, right click on the download link and select “Save link as”. You only need to find out the actual download link that should be colored in red. A striking point of BeeMP3 is it has a well-organized interface on which users can know the top 20 artists and to 20 songs at a glance. Meanwhile, BeeMP3 classifies artists alphabetically and further picks out the top 100 songs and artists. New hits are added every week so you can easily follow trendy songs and save them to your devices handily.

Top 12 English Songs Download Sites in 2022 (10)

11. MP3goo (Down)

Instead of being the best site to download English songs free, MP3goo is more like a YouTube to MP3 converter. You can either type in a query or YouTube URL into the search bar, and press the Search button to let MP3goo find all matching results from YouTube. At the same time, MP3goo will automatically generate MP3 download options for each of the results. By a few simple clicks, you’re able to save the audio tracks in MP3 offline. The whole process is always exceptionally easy, fast and smooth. MP3goo is compatible with all modern browsers and you can visit it on mobile phones, tablets, computers and more other devices. Although MP3goo has maximum 200 downloads limit each day, typically, it still can meet our daily download needs.

Top 12 English Songs Download Sites in 2022 (11)

12. Songs Lover (Down)

Songs Lover is a true wonderland for music fans. On this website, you can find more stuff beyond free MP3 single downloads. Free albums, music videos, lyrics, news, mixtapes, and 3D songs are ready here for your exploration. Personally, I love how Songs Lover displays all the content. The website has easy-to-handle navigate bar that helps users effortlessly access the latest news, the latest albums and tracks, top albums and singles based on different times, mixtapes, video music, lyrics, etc. If you just want to find a specific song, the quick search bar will be useful. Songs Lover offers direct downloads, and the download process can be finished at one simple click. Meanwhile, there are multiple download servers to download resources. If you find one of the servers doesn’t work, just switch to another one. No matter you want to download English hit singles or albums at one go, Songs Lover is just the way to go.

Top 12 English Songs Download Sites in 2022 (12)

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