Visiting Tips (2023)

Stay Refreshed

Visitors may bring their own food and drinks on site, however, no open containers are allowed inside Alamo Church, Long Barrack, or the Collections Center.

Food and drinks maybe purchased in the Alamo Gift Shop, and vending machines available next to the Collections Center by the restrooms.

Alcohol is not permitted.

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Tell Us Your Access Needs

The Alamo strives to provide a memorable experience to every visitor. All public areas of the Alamo are accessible, however, the historic structures may present challenges. Alamo Staff members are here to assist and welcome your access enquiries in advance.

Find out moreabout how the Alamo can meet your particular access needs, including accessible parking.

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Service Animals Welcome!

Trained service animals as defined under the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) are always welcome at the Alamo and are permitted to enter the Alamo grounds, Church, and other historic buildings with their handlers.

Read the Alamo's full Service Animals Policyfor detailed guidance.

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