What to Wear to San Antonio in the Winter - Outfits For Travel (2023)

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Seasonal Guide: The 10 pieces you need to pack for a trip to San Antonioin thewinter

Outfits for Travel Packing Guides

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What to Wear to San Antonioin theWinter

We designed our San Antonio winter packing list to help you find what to wear to San Antonio in the winter. To do this, we selected some of the hottest winter trends and created a chic and efficient 10-piece capsule travel wardrobe. And this San Antonio winter packing guide is filled with items inspired by this year’s fantastic winter styles! Think fair isle sweaters, western accessories and distressed denim styles. And by combining these trends, we hope to provide you with a super-chic travel wardrobe for winter in San Antonio.

What to Do in San Antonio in the Winter

While visiting San Antonio in the winter, be sure to check out the city’s fantastic festivals like La Gran Tamalada where you can learn how to make tamales and take a few home for yourself. Take a relaxing cruise or stroll down The River Walk to view the festive holiday light display. And be sure to visit The Modernist for a fun evening of custom-crafted cocktails made to your own personal taste! Ps – we love mixologist Olaf. Next we discuss the winter weather in San Antonio and how to pack accordingly.

How to Pack for San Antonio in the Winter

San Antonio Winter Weather

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The high temperatures for San Antonio in the winter tend to sit in the mid-to-upper-60s. While winter low average temperatures in San Antonio hover around the low-40s. Packing a warm jacket is a good choice to beat the chill, as is acasual scarf. Astylish midi dressis a good bet if you plan on dining out anywhere nice for dinner. And as always, a pair of comfortableflat shoes are recommended for walking through museums and taking romantic strolls along the River Walk. Below, we have listed detailed monthly averages of high and low temperatures for San Antonio in the winter.

  • DecemberAverage Temperature (°F)
    • High64
    • Low41.7
  • JanuaryAverage Temperature (°F)
    • High63
    • Low40.6
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This average weather list was adapted from a Best Times to Visit San Antonioarticleby U.S News.

Below we feature 10 pieces to help you create chic and stylish travel outfits for winter travelto San Antonio.

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What to Wear to San Antonio in the Winter - Outfits For Travel (1)

Black Skinny Jeans | Fair Isle Sweater | Chain Strap Shoulder Bag | Comfortable Sneakers | Casual Midi Dress | Leather Jacket | White Shirt | Ankle Boots | Distressed Jeans | Skinny Scarf

When selecting what to wear to San Antonio in the winter, focus your outfits for travel on cozy layers, comfortable shoes and style. San Antonio is a culturally vibrant city with delicious food and a unique history. The winter is a wonderful time to visit San Antonio because of its comfortable average temperatures. So whether you’re packing San Antonio outfits for December, January or February, refer to our San Antonio packing list with its stylish pieces that will work great for your winter travels!


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